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One of the essential elements required to rank high in search engines is relevant content. Search engines take several content-related factors into account when evaluating a website - the details have been discussed in another article. In this article, we concentrate on text evaluation. To facilitate the analysis of content uniqueness, Pulno has been equipped with a very special feature - the unique content analyzer.


During every website analysis, Pulno checks for many parameters. Content uniqueness is one of those parameters. Similarly to other analyses, content uniqueness is evaluated on the basis of analyzed pages. By default, 50 to 100 pages are being checked at once. To analyze more pages, one of the following buttons in the page panel needs to be pressed:

Unique content analysis might take from several minutes in the case of smaller websites, up to a few hours in the case of bigger and more complex websites.

The analysis evaluates two types of sentences (fragments of text) - sentences that are completely unique and sentences that are repeated not more than three times on a website.

For example:

  • pages with more than 800 characters of unique content will be evaluated as: “great amount of unique content”
  • pages with 120 characters of unique content and 400 characters of content that is repeated on 2 pages will be evaluated as “some unique content”
  • pages with 250 characters of unique content and 300 characters of content that is repeated on 3 pages will be evaluated as “some unique content”

Unique content analyzer identifies low-quality pages, old versions of pages, identical pages on the same website. It also facilitates the comparing of content on a website with content available online. Pages with a full analysis are checked for duplication of content off-site.


To identify low-quality content, the Content report shall be used.

It can be noted that 46 pages with no unique content were detected.

Clicking the “46 pages with no unique content” anchor text opens the Content report.

Identifying and deleting pages with little or no unique content will improve the PageRank of a website. Search engines appreciate high-quality content. Therefore, the fewer low-quality pages on a website, the better it will be evaluated by the algorithms of search engines.


Technological progress and ever-changing website requirements are the main reasons why websites need to be changed every few years. During migration (how to properly perform a migration is a topic for a separate article), the entire page structure and all texts should be transferred to the new version of a website. In the case of a content transfer error and the emergence of identical pages with different URLs, Pulno will report the duplication of content.

Exact page duplicates are referred to as identical pages.


Pulno can identify identical pages on a website. If the title, the meta description and the content of the page are all identical, those are duplicated pages - disliked by users and search engines alike. The link equity is then distributed among many duplicated pages. The best solution would be not to have duplicated pages on the website. Some tips on how to deal with duplicated pages are presented in this article.


It has been mentioned before that our unique content analyzer looks for duplicates on the website. However, the issue of lack of unique content might also relate to texts available on different websites on the Internet. Pulno can also analyze fragments of different texts all over the Internet. For this option, click the magnifying glass icon.

Pulno will send you directly to Google results:

If only the audited website appears in Google results, it is almost certain that the text is unique. However, if one of those scenarios occurs:

  • the audited website is not the first result in Google
  • other websites appear in the results in Google
  • the audited website does not appear in the results in Google
  • it might be concluded that the content is not unique.

No unique content on a website might lead to it not appearing in Google results at all!


Unique content analyzer facilitates identifying content-related issues. Unique content is essential to rank high in search engines.

Jacek Wieczorek is the co-founder of Pulno. Since 2006, he has been optimizing and managing websites that generate traffic counted in hundreds of thousands of daily visits. 

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