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The graphical representation of redirect loop

The correct page structure is a good signal for Google robots that the website is worth indexing. The best solution is not to have any redirect loops on our site.

What is a redirect loop?

The redirect loop causes the selected page not to be displayed in a browser. This means that when we hit a page, for example:

you are redirected to a page such as

and then

redirects back to the page

basic graph of redirect loop

This is an infinite loop of redirects, which makes the pages impossible to be visible, as the search engine robots (and users) will not be able to find the selected page. Any redirect loop on our site may suggest that the site is being neglected, and therefore not worth showing high in search results.

How to check the redirect loop?

redirect loop issue in Pulno

Pulno checks for the redirect loops during every analysis. 

To check all the pages it is best to add all of them to the analysis.

analyze more pages

The analysis of all pages may take up from a few minutes up to a few hours, depending on the size of the website.

How to remove issues causing redirect loop?

The easiest way is removing one of the redirects what will break the loop.

removing the loop

Depending on the site type it can be done by introducing changes to .htaccess file or modifying the HTML headers. In the case of Wordpress, I recommend redirection plugin and setting up a new redirect. 

redirections plugin

It is worth checking the source of redirects. For this purpose, we check the incoming links to the redirect page.

pages with redirect


Redirect loops are not a common issue. It is worth checking the site for such incorrect redirects, and thus facilitate the operation of search engine robots on our site. Removing the redirect loop is another step towards better optimization of the website, and thus to gain more traffic from search engines.

Jacek Wieczorek is the co-founder of Pulno. Since 2006, he has been optimizing and managing websites that generate traffic counted in hundreds of thousands of daily visits. 

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