How to prepare an SEO checklist?

Blog tutorial How to prepare an SEO checklist?
Checklist with marked positions

In one of our previous articles, we explained how to perform an on-page SEO audit of a website. For less experienced users, we strongly recommend consulting our blog first. The blog post should clearly explain what actions should be taken once the website has been analyzed. The easiest method is to use the checklist that is available to users on Pulno.  

Website analysis

Analyzing a website with Pulno is easy. All you need to do is visit, enter the URL of the website to be audited, provide your email address and register in Pulno (we analyze up to 200 pages for free). Once you set your password, Pulno will start checking the website in search for potential issues. The first 50 pages are analyzed by default, so the first report is ready after just a couple of minutes.

List of buttons to analyze more pages

The buttons in the panel make it possible to analyze more pages. In most cases, the best solution is to analyze all pages of a website because it allows us to conduct the full analysis of internal linking, including information about broken links, broken graphics, and link depth.

Downloading the report 

Below the buttons for analyzing more pages, there is the “Download the report” button, which can be used to create a new checklist. Just click the "Download report" button to generate an SEO report.

downloading a report from Pulno
Download an SEO report XLS

The file is in the XLS format and can be opened and edited in spreadsheet programs such as Excel, LibreOffice or Google Drive. We will use the last one because it is free and it allows several people to work on the spreadsheet simultaneously. To upload the file to Google Drive, go to and then log in to your Google account. 

opening report file in Google Docs

Once you upload the report to Google Drive, lock the top row in the spreadsheet.

locking top row

Now, you have a table. The header row of the table does not scroll, which increases the readability of data in the document. The next step is to set the text wrapping in cells. Just highlight the spreadsheet, click on the “formatting” menu in the upper left corner and choose “text wrapping”.

wrapping columns

Add another column - “Done” and start filtering.

adding column and filtering

Now, it is time to start fixing issues. In column E, there is a link to Pulno, where you can locate a given issue as well as obtain additional information that will help you make improvements. To facilitate the process even further, in column F we have placed links to the documents, in which we describe specific issues and give advice on how to fix them. More detailed information can also be found in the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet. 

tabs in a report spreadsheet

Once the changes have been implemented just enter “yes” in the column “Done”. 

writting yes in a column

The next step is to filter the completed tasks.

filtering completed tasks

This way, the checklist can be filtered to only show the elements that have not been fixed yet, which will speed up the process significantly.


An audit conducted by Pulno and exported to a spreadsheet can have its own logo. Google Documents can be easily converted to XLS or PDF files or shared with other people. 

adding own logo


With Pulno, in just a couple of minutes, you can create a checklist of changes that need to be implemented in order to allow you to fix your website optimization issues! 

Jacek Wieczorek is the co-founder of Pulno. Since 2006, he has been optimizing and managing websites that generate traffic counted in hundreds of thousands of daily visits. 

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