How to start working with Pulno

Blog tutorial How to start working with Pulno
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So, you have registered in Pulno, confirmed your email address, analyzed your first website and now what? Are you staring at the screen, full of information and don’t know how to begin?

We are here to help!

First of all, make sure that you have analyzed an adequate number of pages:

number of analyzed pages

The above example shows the website has 198 pages out of which 100 have been analyzed. You will find an appropriate option on the right side of the dashboard:

analyze more pages

The main place on the screen is taken by the information concerning your website. In the middle, in form of tiles, and on the right sidebar as a detailed list:

major issues

major issues on the sidebar

You might have noticed hand-icons next to each information. We have used them to color-code the severity of the issues. Red means a serious problem that needs to be taken care of in the first instance. Yellow is a warning whereas green and blue icons mean positive information.

It may seem overwhelming at first glance, that is why for every issue we have put guidelines in the tooltips. Just click the link:

where to click on sidebar

or “Let’s fix this!” to find additional information about the issue, link to the article where we describe the problem in detail or a link to the list of pages affected by the issue. In the example below, we picked an issue concerning a very slow server response time.

how to get to a page

Clicking the link:

link to issues' list

will take you to the list of all the pages where Pulno diagnosed that particular issue. But that is not all! If you want to learn more about a certain page, you can do it as well! Just click:

link to detailed page info

to go to the detailed analysis of a chosen page:

detailed information about a page

Remember: in the tooltips you will find information and links that will help optimize your website!

tooltips arrows

information in the tooltips

If you don’t know where exactly are the guidelines just click the information icon in the upper right corner on the screen:

information icon

and Pulno will show you where to click to find additional help.

highlighting clickable tooltips

Pulno also features a list of powerful tools to help you optimize your website:

tools in Pulno

Thanks to them you will, for example, be able to:

or finally, check your website’s structure visualization:

website structure visualization

We hope this tutorial will help you make the most of Pulno. Remember that if you have any questions, you can always turn to us for help!


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