11 problems with backlinks that can be automatically checked in Pulno

Blog tutorial 11 problems with backlinks that can be automatically checked in Pulno
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Search engine optimization requires focusing on two aspects:

  • on-site activities, i.e. the whole range of actions conducted on the website
  • off-site activities, i.e. working on backlinks

So far (March 2020), analyses done at Pulno were focused on the first point, i.e. actions performed on the website. In the latest version, we are carrying out backlink analyses to help identify off-site problems.

How does the backlink analysis in Pulno work?

The analysis of backlinks is carried out after the site analysis is completed. By default, we check the presence of links, their validation and the nofollow parameter changes, which allow us to investigate the issues associated with linking. We have compiled the most common issues concerning backlinks and from now on we inform about them directly in the dashboard.

new features in Pulno

Currently, in the free Pulno plan, we enable backlink analysis for as many as 100 domains. Personal and higher plans allow analyses of 1000 and more domains.

The most common reasons for low positions in Google related to linking

  1. No backlinks
  2. No dofollow links
  3. Few backlinks
  4. Low Domain Power
  5. Too many backlinks come from the same IP address
  6. Many backlinks come from the same C-class IP addresses
  7. Backlinks are over-optimized
  8. Backlinks disappeared
  9. Many backlinks lead to only 1 page
  10. Backlinks point to broken pages
  11. Backlinks from low-quality pages
  12. Conclusion

1. No backlinks

no backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors determining the quality of the website. Search engines need links to find the website. The more quality links lead to the site, the more powerful it will be and the better the chances of high positions. Without the backlinks, it is practically impossible to achieve top positions in search engines.

Pulno recommends: Get quality backlinks to your website.

2. No dofollow backlinks

no dofollow backlinks

That situation is similar to the one in point 1). In this case, we found backlinks coming to the site, but all of them are nofollow links. From Google (and other search engines) point of view, these links are worthless.

Pulno recommends: Get quality backlinks to your website without nofollow parameter

3. Few backlinks

one dofollow backlink

To facilitate the analysis of backlinks in Pulno, we have distinguished an additional warning category in situations where there are just a few backlinks. As most niches are now competitive, top rankings require having multiple backlinks. A message about too few links will appear for fewer than 10 backlinks from different domains. The limit of 10 domains includes only active backlinks without the nofollow parameter.

Pulno recommends: Get good links without the nofollow parameter.

4. Low Domain Power

low pulno domain power

Pulno Domain Power (PDP) is a ranking score developed by Pulno, based on the domain's backlinks. This number (scaled from 0 to 100) is our equivalent of PageRank - numeric value determining the quality of a domain in terms of incoming links, which are one of the factors influencing rankings in search engine result pages. The stronger the backlink profile, the higher the PDP. Backlinks are still one of the most important elements influencing rankings in search engines.

Pulno recommends: Get quality backlinks. Check the PDP of your competitors and try to get a better result.

5. Too many backlinks come from the same IP address

Many SEO specialists argue whether there is such a thing as a natural backlink profile. One thing is certain - you can indicate an unnatural backlink profile. In Pulno, we will show a message if more than 10% of the backlinks come from a single IP address, because it means that the backlinks are placed on one server.

Pulno recommends: Get links from different sources.

6. Many backlinks come from the same C-class IP addresses

the same C class IP

This means that many of the linking websites are most likely to be on the same server, which indicates an unnatural linking profile. We recommend obtaining links from other sources outside this IP C-class.

Example.com has 4 linking domains:

A.com (server IP address: (5 links)

B.com (server IP address: (1 link)

C.com (server IP address: (1 link)

D.com (server IP address: (1 link)

Websites B.com and D.com are in the same C-class IP address because their IP addresses start identically (in this case 1.1.1.).

7. Backlinks are over-optimized

page overoptimized

The natural backlink profile consists of not only the IP addresses of the servers the links come from but also the keywords in the links. The more diverse the links, the less chance for penalties against a website. In Pulno, we will show a message if more than 10% of the backlinks contain the same anchor text.

Pulno recommends: Get a variety of backlinks with many different keywords.

8. Backlinks disappeared

links disappeared

The removal of the backlinks may also be a reason for the ranking drops. On the above graphic, you can see that out of 180 domains with links as many as 176 ceased to exist. The backlink profile has weakened, which could cause drops in rankings.

Pulno recommends: Check the reason the incoming links are unavailable and try to restore good backlinks.

9. Many backlinks lead to only 1 page

backlinks to one page

So far, we have described ways to analyze backlink sources, numbers, keywords. We have to analyze target URLs too. If the vast majority of backlinks point to the same page, it suggests an unnatural backlink profile.

Pulno recommends: Obtain backlinks to different pages of the website

10. Backlinks point to broken pages

links to 404 page

Backlinks may point to broken pages (i.e. with a 404 error). Most often it happens after rebuilding a website.

Pulno recommends: Analyze backlinks to broken pages and redirect quality links. If the links are of poor quality or are leftovers of hacking attacks on the site, it is best to leave the links to 404 pages without redirections.

11. Backlinks from low-quality pages

The last point described concerns low-quality linking. We will show an appropriate message when we find that websites with low PDP are the only ones linking to your site.

Pulno recommends: Obtain quality backlinks.


A strong and natural profile of incoming links is a prerequisite for high rankings in search engines. A combination of a well-prepared website and good backlinks will certainly allow you to get high positions on chosen keywords. This guide will help you to identify the most common errors associated with incoming links. All of the above issues can be automatically identified with Pulno.

Feel free to contact me if you think that Pulno can analyze other errors related to the backlinks.

Jacek Wieczorek is the co-founder of Pulno. Since 2006, he has been optimizing and managing websites that generate traffic counted in hundreds of thousands of daily visits. 

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