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Pulno provides an API with all backlinks from Pulno's database. API is currently available on RapidAPI hub.

An offer for a manual SEO audit
Website audit offer

We've received many requests about manually auditing your websites. You ask, and we deliver! Let us invite you to take advantage of the offer of our SEO experts, who will adjust the guidelines to your needs.

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How to start working with Pulno

So, you have registered in Pulno, confirmed your email address, analyzed your first website and now what? Are you staring at the screen, full of information and don’t know how to begin? We are here to help!

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14 reasons why your site isn’t showing up in Google

Why isn’t my website showing up on Google? When will it be indexed? Why is my website missing from search results? These are all very popular questions. No surprise there - more visibility in Google search results means more traffic to your site, the ability to get inbound leads, bigger sales, etc. The reasons why you’re not seeing your website in Google search results may be varied. Read on to find out the most common ones.

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What is keyword cannibalization and how to fix it

Keyword cannibalization occurs when several pages of the same website rank for the same search query in Google. It often makes your website’s position lower in comparison to competitors’ websites. However, having several pages with content optimized for the same or similar phrases doesn’t always have to be something bad.

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Chrome - broken images and graphics on the website

At present (October 2019), browsers block several types of mixed content, such as scripts and iframes insecurely loaded over http:// on https:// pages. As of next year, Chrome, the most popular browser in the world, will be blocking http:// images and video as well. If images display incorrectly on your website, then it’s probably because of the insecure http:// configurations. In this article, you will find out how to find and fix all broken images with Pulno.

The chart of link depth with PageRank divided between pages.
Link depth

Link depth is the number of clicks required to reach a given page from the home page. Important pages should have low link depth.

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Cleaning the sitemap file

Spring is the time of various clean-up tasks. As we clean our apartments, garages, and gardens, we should also think about cleaning up our website. Detailed instructions on how to conduct an SEO audit can be found in our article: ‘How to perform a website on-page SEO audit’. In this text, we will focus on cleaning a sitemap file - a file containing the URLs of all pages of a website.

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Why should a website be monitored for SEO?

A well prepared and optimized website is the basis for succeeding in ranking high in search engines. The easiest way to ensure that is by conducting a professional audit and implementing changes in accordance with the guidelines of search engines. However, it is important to remember that a single modification might not be enough to maintain high rankings. Websites that can be customized by more than one person are especially at risk of modifications which might negatively affect their visibility on the Internet.

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How to perform a website on-page SEO audit

The quality of content, speed, and usability of the website are the basic factors of SEO. In fact, SEO actions can be compared to product advertising. If it is poor, looks bad and has disadvantages, even the best advertisement will not succeed and its effectiveness will be low. If the product is extremely good and looks great, its advertising will be much easier, and users will start recommending the product themselves.

Pages, like motorbikes, should be fast
Page load time

Typing the address of a website or clicking a link in the browser sends a signal to the server that we want to download the website. Afterwards, the server responds and the website is sent to the user’s browser. This rather complicated process of server communication runs in the background and is not visible to most users. The complexity of page loading can cause delays on many stages. We have very limited control over some of those delays (like poor phone reception) but greater over others (e.g. website structure).

images in SEO
Use of images in SEO

A picture is worth a thousand words. This idiom, wrongly referred to as an old Chinese proverb, is useless when it comes to page optimization. In fact, the text is still the main factor taken into account when search engines rank a website.

Have your website encypted

HTTPS is an encrypted version of the HTTP protocol. It allows for the transferring of data between search engines and servers. The "S" in https is short for "secure", which is a secure version of the HTTP protocol.

Sitemap file
What is a sitemap?

Sitemap file contains information concerning all URLs on the website. It can also include some additional data such as the date of the previous modification, the importance of a given address, frequency of changes made on the website, data of different language versions.

Book titles
What is a title tag

<title> is an html tag defining a website’s title. It is one of the most important factors taken into account by search engines when evaluating a website. From the user’s perspective, title tag is visible in the title bar of the web browser and in search engine results. Title tag is very (very, very) important from SEO’s perspective because it is an indicator of the website’s content. For that reason, choosing a relevant and engaging title tag is of utmost importance.

Indexing of loads of documents

Over 90% of Internet content does not get traffic from Google. How does Google find websites then?

The graphical representation of redirect loop
Redirect loop checker

The correct page structure is a good signal for Google robots that the website is worth indexing. The best solution is not having any redirect loops on our site.

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11 problems with backlinks that can be automatically checked in Pulno

Search engine optimization requires focusing on two aspects: - on-site activities, i.e. the whole range of actions conducted on the website - off-site activities, i.e. working on backlinks So far (March 2020), analyses done at Pulno were focused on the first point, i.e. actions performed on the website. In the latest version, we are carrying out backlink analyses to help identify off-site problems.

Website structure visualization in Pulno
How to check your internal links

Apart from the broken links report, Pulno will also show you all outbound and inbound links coming to each page on your website. The reports regarding the website’s linking are divided into two sections, internal and external links.

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2 million pages with mixed content issues

As soon as I clicked “publish” in the article about mixed content, I started wondering how common this problem was. Mixed content means having insecure http:// resources on https:// pages, e.g. images, video or JavaScript. Non-encrypted JavaScript is already blocked by Chrome, and the upcoming versions of Chrome will be blocking http:// images and videos too. I was curious how many websites would face problems with proper loading in Chrome in 2020. I decided to check this with our existing user base at Pulno and it turned out that around 12% of users had analyzed websites which had resources that would fail to load over https://. In order to investigate it even further, we have created a dedicated algorithm, which has analyzed our data, i.e. 37 million pages from over 400 thousand domains. Read on to see the results and conclusions.

The chart showing higher positions for a keyword
Case Study - increasing traffic with GSC Analyzer

Google Search Console Analyzer is one of Pulno’s key functions. With its help, I can quickly detect keywords that generate website traffic but do not appear in title tags, headings or content. This enables me to immediately add those missing items to the website in order to gain more traffic from search engines. Now that we have covered the theory, it is time to test GSC Analyzer in practice.

Increased traffic chart based on keyword
A simple way to gain traffic based on Google Search Console data

All too often during website optimization, we put all of our focus on difficult matters. The list of issues that require fixing can be extensive and the level of difficulty varies greatly. When it comes to SEO audits, I strongly recommend focusing on fixing easy issues first. Elements that are easy to fix often bring the most benefits. In this article, I will show you how to detect low hanging fruit on the basis of Google Search Console data and Pulno analysis.

Checklist with marked positions
How to prepare an SEO checklist?

In one of our previous articles, we explained how to perform an on-page SEO audit of a website. For less experienced users, we strongly recommend consulting our blog first. The blog post should clearly explain what actions should be taken once the website has been analyzed. The easiest method is to use the checklist that is available to users on Pulno.

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How to quickly improve your PageSpeed score

Many years ago, Google noticed the rapid growth of mobile Internet and decided to optimize its services for mobile users. Initially, two separate search mechanisms were created for desktop and mobile users. Smaller, faster and more mobile-friendly websites were created for the latter group. In 2018, there was a change in the way the Google ranking called Mobile First Indexing was built. Since then, most search results have been based on mobile versions of websites.

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Search engine optimization of multi-language websites - hreflang and canonical tags

There are many strategies for acquiring new visitors. One of them is making the website available for foreign users, which requires creating additional versions of the website in different languages. Once the content has been written and published in a different language, the next step is to notify search engines and indicate all language versions using the hreflang attribute.

Mobile devices
What are links?

Links or hyperlinks - are references to data available by clicking or tapping. Links are the key element of Internet structure and one of the most important elements of website optimization. Because of links, a search engine is able to visit and index pages.

Unique content check
Unique Content Analyzer

One of the essential elements required to rank high in search engines is relevant content. Search engines take several content-related factors into account when evaluating a website - the details have been discussed in another article. In this article, we concentrate on text evaluation. To facilitate the analysis of content uniqueness, Pulno has been equipped with a very special feature - the unique content analyzer.

Website on mobile devices
Mobile websites

In March 2018 Google changed the way of crawling and indexing some of the websites and started using mobile first indexing. Previously, Google’s robots crawled desktop versions. Currently, most websites are crawled in the mobile version first.

How to write SEO friendly text
Creating search engine friendly texts

When writing an article for a website, we often wonder about keyword density. In other words, we focus on how often to repeat the most important keywords. This is a major mistake!

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